KYLOG Logistics is the first provider of logistic services intervening in the whole supply chain in Tunisia, in upstream or downstream of production, until the return management.

Since its creation, KYLOG Logistics made a choice of innovative solutions and a strong technological content. This choice allows it to combine a strong commercial increase and a permanent approach of operational Excellency.
KYLOG Logistics is the first logistic coordinator which develops an offer dedicated to e-traders, in compliment to its logistical activity for industrials.

Specific know-how comes along with new activities characterized by articles by piece’s manipulation, a diversified variety of products and conditioning, a strong variability, large referential articles with constant renewal...

Our ways

Buildings and infrastructure :

We have a warehouse of 2000 m2 in which 250 M2 are independently dedicated for storage of micro components necessitates a specific storage. In small term, we schedule extensions in the whole country proximate to our customers. This warranty you a real national cover and reliable and approved operational solutions.

Information : powerful and flexible informative system :

Management of In/Out flux, management of order's preparation, management of placement, historical background and traceability, visibility and access on the website in real time. Possibility of modules' development according to the customers’ needs

Security system :

Our warehouses are enclosed and equipped with anti-intrusion alarm, video surveillance, fire network and security agent day and night.

  • Warehouse agreed by the Custom since 2011
  • Agreed by the National office of Civil Protection
  • Electrical installation inspected by the control's bureau

Advantages of KYLOG solution

Face to concurrent at the international level, KYLOG Logistics is differentiated by:

1/ Its proximity with its customers and its capacity to personalize its services.

2/ The capacity of listening, decide and its collaborators' involvement in direct relation with its customers’ needs.

3/ Its development policy signed in an volunteer approach around four axes: quality, security, environment, social responsibility of the firm.