Made-to-measure logistic operations

KYLOGS Logistics allows you to focus on your work body with taking care of all your logistic. From the simple performance of storage to the complete management of your supply chain, we suggest you logistic performance made-to-measure, adapted to your needs, declined to 4 competent fields.

Operational logistic :

Storage solutions coupled to added-value performance. Our storage solutions always incorporate added value performance, such as reconditioning products, manipulation of products and returns management. KYLOG LOGISTIC customers have to their disposal a unique source of competence for the supply chain.

Production logistic :

Supplying of products with compete solution of storage an added-value services.
KYLOG solution advanced supplier store/ advanced export store:
This service consists of managing goods under custom for foreign suppliers or offshore companies and intended to be distributed in Tunisia or foreign countries.

Logistic distribution :

Complete solution for the distribution B to B and B to C is applicable for finished products as well as raw materials. Those solutions are based on a total master of logistic operations as:
  • Kitting and co packing
  • Conditioning/packing
  • Pre-assembling
  • Board management of line/Kanban
  • Provisioning in chain of set-up
  • Quality and sort control


The IT application is allowing the management and sustainment in real time of your goods. Web interface Customer and IT solutions made-to-measure. Continued improvement of process for the reduction of costs. Common definition of quality indicators and involvement on the performances rates.