E-trade's logistic

KYLOG Logistic has developed a logistic offer integrated to e-trade's websites
  • Management of reception and storage 100% tracking
  • Edition of transport's files and letter of accompaniment
  • Sustainment of orderings’ preparations in real time
  • Tracking of parcel posts' delivery at customers via road haulier's EDI
  • An elaborated management of goods' returns with a daily reporting
  • Management of customer services via our call-centre

Step 1: flux management

The logistic is a job, unskilled e-trader experience it rapidly
There is first the reception of suppliers' orderings with delivery mistake, referred problems... There is always a need to check-up that everything is there, confirm the products' state one by one... which is an important work, exhausting and take a lot of time!
Then, we have to classify and arrange his products... And if we don't want to waste too much time searching for the right products, it's essential to adopt a classification, this is why we give you access to our integrated management application in order to:
  • Import your suppliers' ordering (according to the terms and conditions)
  • Consult your stocks in real time
  • Follow the advancement state of your orderings' preparation
  • Put a picture of your products by file article
  • E-mail expedition to your customer with the N° of sustained parcel post
  • Stocks management (alert stock, re provisioning...)
    Your E-logistic becomes ours and you save time to the commercial development of your e-trade website.

Step 2: customer relationship

After some months of activity, the orderings rush...
And you discover that it's not easy to manage everything on the go... it is most of the time a panic: answer the phone, take the suppliers ordering, prepare and send parcel post for customers...
We give you efficient solutions in optimising your customer relationship.
We all know that the customer is unique; discover our simple offers, transparent and adaptable to everything, your constraints, in order to make every phone call approved in your name be at the level of your ambitions.
From the simple telephonic permanence, to the standard or customer relationship management, we are adapted to your demand.